The Education and Training Hub for Autism Needs (ETHAN) focuses on the heart of the autism issue - skills and understanding.

ETHAN is offering the following Au-sim Sensory Boxes to the public at a discounted price of R300. This is a very useful box to keep in your car to help your child remain calm during times of frustration, boredom or sensory overload. It can also assist in the school environment, at shops and restaurants, or in a medical waiting room. Please contact us to get hold of your Au-sim Sensory Box today.

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We are not
We are

a school for children affected with autism

empowering parents and family members to be able to run and manage their own child’s development.

The parent is in it for life and needs to be provided with the support and tools to be able to navigate and manage their child’s unique development process.

an autism centre

providing a network of experienced autism specialists to support families

There is a shortage of autism specialists in the South Cape

organising fun activities and events that are inclusive of individuals affected with autism

Individuals with autism are often excluded from basic fun events (movies, restaurant)due to their unique sensitivities

arranging respite for parents and family members

Parents and family members need rest

competing with other autism organisations

supporting and enhancing existing initiatives

We are working towards a common goal.

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Registration Pack

The registration pack is designed to gather some important background information and to enable us to understand your needs better.

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Facts About Autism

  • There is no medical detection or cure for autism, but early diagnosis and intervention improve outcomes
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