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DIR Floortime Introduction Workshop - 29 Feb & 1 March

ETHAN and SPOTlight host successful DIR® Floortime Workshop at Curro School.

The Education and Training Hub for Autism Needs (ETHAN) hosted an Introduction to DIR® Floortime workshop this past weekend (29 February and 1 March) at the Curro School hall.

The Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship model (also known as DIR® and DIRFloortime®), developed by Dr Stanley Greenspan and Dr Serena Wieder, has changed the way development in children is viewed. The goal of DIR® is to enable children with sensory processing challenges and autism to form a sense of themselves. It also helps parents, carers, teachers to identify developmental gaps in order to improve the level and quality of interaction, communication and connection with their child.

The DIR® Floortime workshop was one of the best workshops organized by ETHAN thus far. The workshop was presented by experienced and knowledgeable speakers from the SPOTlight Trust: Kate Bailey (Occupational Therapist, M.Sc. (OT) Wits, DIR: FCD Fellow - Profectum Foundation USA), Monique Davies (Occupational Therapist, B (OT) UKZN, DIR: FCD Fellow - Profectum Foundation USA), Micah-Lee James (Speech Therapist, B.Comm Path (SLP) UKZN, DIR: FCD – Profectum Foundation USA)

The ETHAN team worked hard and pulled out all the stops to make this our most successful workshop to date, with over 100 attendees consisting of parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists and psychologists.

We would like to say a very big thank you to the following people and organisations who assisted in making this workshop such a success:

  • SPOTlight Trust for facilitating the workshop and co-partnering with us
  • Curro School for the use of their hall and facilities – especially René Olivier from Curro Castle
  • BEECorp for the printing and binding of all the manuals
  • Warren Jones for assisting with sound challenges and for the use of his microphone
  • Mimi Nikolova from the school tuck shop for the catering
  • Obed Theys for assisting with the setup clean up
  • ZJ Hulpsentrum for assisting with transport, setup and clean up
  • The Jonker family for baking rusks
  • The parents who baked and supplied muffins, biscuits and cupcakes
  • Lisa Jonker for taking photos

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